Who is this crazy person anyway?

My name is Kate (or aKate to some).

I'm first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ, which entails all things wonderful and difficult about life - I wouldn't be here without the grace offered to me on the cross, and that means everything to me.

I am the wife of a pretty incredible man whose life revolves around high schoolers, sports teams, and making me happier than I ever thought I could be. In fact, I like him better than the day I married him, which I didn't think was possible - but it's true. He is a blessing beyond compare for my crazy self.

We have two pups, one we adopted from the humane society a few years back (Abby), who is as neurotic and strange as I am. She loves us, though, and we enjoy having her in our home. We also have a semi-permanent loaner dog (Jimmy), who lives under our roof and has a great corner in our hearts. They lead a very hard life of loafing, barking, and chowing on the good stuff.

In March of 2011, we bought our first home, gutted a lot of it, and pieced it back together. We're still working on several projects (because, apparently, that's what homeowners do), and post those things periodically at that other blog I put together, The Mercury Renovation.

I studied to be a journalist, went back to school to be in communication management (PR; still haven't finished that degree, but I'm hoping to soon), read voraciously, enjoy crocheting and sewing and crafting of just about any sort; if I could, I'd wrap presents for a living; I would love to be a mom someday, whether by blood or adoption; I've been a musician and songwriter, played with an awesome band of people for about three years, and I currently sing with one of our church worship bands; and I have way too many interests to see them all through in any reasonable time frame.

This blog is a crazy little collection of my experiences since 2005, which also happens to be the year that a lot of things started happening in my life (like dating my husband). Life has changed a lot since then, but this blog stands as a collection of my thoughts, life experiences, projects, and favorites. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy putting it together.

And, in case you're wondering, the title of the blog comes from a song by Mute Math. It's from their Reset EP and a modification of their song, "Control" - "There is no better loss than to lose myself in You." The song is about surrender. To me, there is no greater loss than for sake of Christ, who bore my sin and shame once and for all on the cross at Calvary. It is no small thing, and my life is marked by the incredible beauty and humility of that truth. I would have my life rest on the bedrock of nothing else.

Top Picture: Elise Grinstead (2010)
Banner Image: A. Kate Reynolds, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska (2010)

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